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Product Information
Name: Tibetan Caterpillar Fungus
Origin: Qinghai, China
Model No: any size
Post Date: 2014-08-02 00:15:14
Expiry Date: 2014-10-31 00:15:14
Product Description
Tibetan Caterpillar Fungus:
From Tibet, a species of rare fungus, Cordyceps Sinesis is a supernatural fungus, which resembles a worm that has been used in traditional Chinese medicine to restore energy, promote longevity, stimulate the immune system, and to improve quality of life for about 2000 years. Its life cycle begins as a parasitic fungus, growing and eventually taking over the body of the host (the worm) and resembling it in appearance. It is also called "summer grass and winter worm", "Chinese caterpillar fungus", or "cordyceps sinensis mushroom".

Cordyceps Sinesis is a highly prized medicinal supplement. Medical effects include replenishing energy and blood, nourishing lung and kidneys, treating impotence and seminal emission, improving eye-sight, and tranquilizing the mind.

Usage: Cordyceps Sinesis may be used as medicine, also may edible. May be cooked with the chicken, fish, duck and so on, each kind of meat produce, the snow chicken cooks the Cordyceps Sinesis is the most excellent delicacies, it has the very high nutritional value. Cordyceps Sinesis Also may soak the liquor, its nutrition nutritious value is very high.
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